High protein breakfast. Why?

High protein breakfast. what is it and how it could benefit you?

There is a huge amount of research to show that a high protein diet is beneficial when it comes to maintaining a healthy body, from the make up of various cells within our body to the muscle building properties it holds.

Protein is key when it comes to ‘keeping up fuller for longer’ and if you have ever had a conversation with me about snacking, you will know I am a fan of this. The fact that it does keep you fuller for longer (known as satiety) will not only stop you from snacking mid-morning, it will also help you maintain steady energy levels throughout the morning due to proteins energy sources being slowly released into your body, this in returns will mean a better mood, better level of concentration and better productivity.

The generic toast and cereal often leads us to consume simple carbohydrates, which may seem satisfying at the time when you are in a rush but these foods often cause a spike in your energy levels due to quick releasing carbs/sugars and it will only be a temporary fix till your energy levels dip again.

If you do go for toast or cereal, at least make sure you are aiming for the brown or wholegrain options, these are slower releasing linking us back to the benefits spoken about above.

Much was said a few years back about breakfast being the most important meal of the day, and although this isn’t broadly true, it can play a huge part in building a solid foundation for you to attack the day.

As with most dietary changes it always easier said than done, but with some simple steps factored in a few days a week, consistently in the long run, you can defiantly reap the rewards of these higher protein breakfasts.

Think eggs. simple, quick, easy. Whether it is an omelette or scrambled, eggs are often the cornerstone of a solid protein dense breakfast. Another simple option for those in a rush is make some form of smoothie using protein powder. A simple whey protein mixed with some greens and almond milk and some greens will go down a treat!

Hope the above helps.

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