Calories Part 2: Counting calories.


Part 2: Counting calories.

Now, if I am truly honest calorie counting is boring and tedious BUT, done from time to time it can be extremely helpful when it comes to sorting out or controlling our eating habits. Away from the scientific standpoint of energy balance, the calorie counting method more often than not simply opens our eyes to how much we are actually eating, this is why I only recommend doing it for maybe a week, every other month or so. Once you open your eyes to how much you are actually eating it puts everyday foods that you thought were harmless into perspective. One example of this opening of the eyes is cheese on toast! Or just cheese in general. Trust me, it really is a good example, next time you make cheese on toast, weigh the amount of cheese you are using and then go and google the calories that are involved, it is often small and seemingly normal things like this that can lead to weight gain.

One extremely useful tool when it comes to counting and planning calorie targets is to establish a weekly average needed and then factor in things such as weekends and social engagements. We all know that most of us tend to overindulge on weekends and consume way more calories than we would in the week. If you have a weight loss calorie target of let’s say 1500 calories per day, why not drop that to 1300 Monday to Friday, meaning you then have an extra 1000 calories to play with on the weekend and still be on track for your weekly average. 1000 calories equate to approximately 5 gin and tonics!

There are many formulas available to calculate your daily calorie targets, there is even one on the website, but away from these there is another way of doing it and one which I highly recommend it’s pretty simple as long as you are willing to put in the work. Spend a week counting your calories. Count every meal, every day, every snack, every breath of fresh air. From this create a weekly total and divide it by 7, this then giving you your weekly average. From this average take away maybe 150 – 200 calories per day, and then go from there. This is going to be a more achievable target as it is relevant to the number of calories you are currently consuming. Don’t forget the point that I made above about weekends!

Finally, and as much as I hate technology it is actually quite useful when it comes to tracking calories, on the Turn Up Training app you will find a calorie tracker ready to use! Alternatively, “My Fitness Pal” is a very popular choice and a great app.

Hope this helps!

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