Time to get back in the game.

Yeah so lockdown is obviously easing and I think it is now time to ‘get back in the game’ and build some fitness foundations again. Lockdown has been s**t there is no denying that but I think the time is upon us to try and get over it, think positively and move forward.

I am going to pinpoint running and walking in this blog and highlight the fact that as a minimum, you should be doing one or the other most days if not every day. Obviously, there are not many options available at the moment with everything that is going on but that doesn’t mean we cannot get out, move and feel fit.

I am, and have been for a long time a believer that walking will pretty much fix everything (running also but I HATE running), the benefits both physically and mentally are massively underrated to the masses, however I do hope that both walking and running have become a bit more appreciated in these past few months.

I’ll now move this along a bit and give you some gentle pointers as to how you can move forward. Let us start with walking, now what follows is no major breakthrough in training methods but It will be effective none the less and extremely simple to execute, if you are walking you have 2 choices, either add some distance on to your existing route or stick to your existing route just make it a little bit faster. 10 thousand steps have long been seen as a staple for basic fitness, especially with the rise of Fitbit and smart watches, maybe now however is the time to add an extra 1k or 2k steps on to that target. Push yourself and achieve! Onto running, again the advice above applies, but let’s take the shift away from just going for a run and let’s start putting a goal on it. Personally, I would advise sticking to the same distance you may be doing now, but start to make it faster. Use an app such as Strava to record you time and then run like your life depends on it.

Change has been a huge factor in our lives recently for one reason or another and the change that I am advising to you is to take the walking and running away from it just being a form of getting out the house and moving it to a more fitness based reason.

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