Summers coming... no it actually is!

Now as weird as this may sound in current times, summer is actually on its way. From a trainers point of view understanding individuals motivation is hugely important and one that has often been the case has been that summer brings summer holidays, and people want to be in their best shape for their holidays.

Let’s face it though a holiday this year may not be on the cards for many of us but I 100% want you to train like there was. As I mentioned last week now is very much the time to start thinking positively, this goal of training for your ‘holiday’ will act as perfect motivation to move on with your fitness.

You are still going to sit in your garden with your friends and family (2 metres apart obvs) catching a tan, sharing a gin, why not make sure you look your best for these situations? looking and feeling your best is a very powerful positive in a world currently full of negatives.

… the thought of fitness being dictated by the seasons kills me inside, but we can argue over that another day…

2 key areas of getting in shape for summer are increasing your cardio, things such as walking more, running more or squeezing in some HIIT workouts. A great way of burning a few extra calories and improving your cardiovascular health is by performing some form of interval training, for example walk run walk run, or even jog-sprint-jog-sprint, pretty simple no?

Within your diet you should be focusing on consuming lean meats such as chicken breast and turkey mince as well as enjoying a simple staple of any summer diet ... a salad! Get loads of colours, loads of greens, be creative. Maybe swapping the glass of wine or beer for a small glass of prosecco or a vodka and diet coke, both are lower calorie options to the former. Even cutting alcohol completely will have massive beneficial effects.

Find your motivation and train like summer is just around the corner.

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